We find lost gems by world best artists and then work hard on attributions conducting our researches.

Because we don’t want masterpieces to be lost.
There are still a lot of masterpieces by Great Masters that were not discovered.

They can be found anywhere: Attics, flea markets, small stores, among old belongings and online.

We work hard on finding those works and making an attribution for them to save them from the void.

We contribute to the history of art.

Oblivion of famous during their life artists is usually connected with absence of ancesters, relatives or friends who could save their heritage.

We bring back to light masters who took part in the most prestigious exhibitions and the most famous salons but were almost or completely forgotten.

We contribute to the history of art.
…In 1906 Emilie Desjeux received a commission from the city council of Auxerre: to depict a historical event, the oration of Émile Combes on the division between church and state. For that time, it was unprecedented that this task was assigned to a woman…
We pick only those paintings whose authors were Great Masters back in the days, but for some reason were forgotten.

We sell not only a painting but also a constant work we do to bring back an author to the light of the history of art.

Therefore you buy not just a valuable interior painting, you invest your money in an item that constantly grows in price.